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So I’m from a stock

that pitch cocktail bombs and hand grenades.

We pour cayenne pepper around the perimeter of a building

to keep the police dogs at bay.

I’m the Panther Party

in the Desire Housing Projects in New Orleans.

I’m nigga turning the gun on the National…

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— Sunni Patterson, We Made It (via plantaplanta)

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— sunni patterson (via mindfullofthings)

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We Made It (Snippet)
"Let all the world see itain’t just burning in Mississippihell is hot where ever you be.From the Rooftop, to the Cell-block.Step on up to the Auction-Block,"Bend Over.Touch Ya toes.Show ya teeth.Lift her tities,Examine his balls”it damn near sounds like a Hip-Hip SongBut it’s slavery at its peak. 
 - Sunni Patterson

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Sunni Patterson

love her!

Meshell NdegeOcello.
Gap ad postcard, 1996.

Meshell NdegeOcello.
Gap ad postcard, 1996.

MJLbecause blooming red roses die first (via mimickingmaelstroms)

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